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MPE Services

We provided
– Branding & tagline
– Brand style guide
– Icon design
– Business cards
– Social media assets
– Vehicle wrap
– Document & proposal design

Since 1984, Melbourne-based business MPE Services, has provided electrical/data, plumbing, mechanical and refrigeration services to large commercial clients. Comprising over 45 staff and a fleet of more than 30 vehicles, the team are committed to delivering complex projects, whilst exceeding expectations.

Create a brand that promotes the reliable service with rapid response times. Reposition the brand as more professional and corporate, delivering credibility for a B2B audience throughout the tender process.

We built a brand that conveys speed of service and rapid response times. Its style is inspired by global courier services, or even airlines. The triangular shape is representative of a play button. The colour palette signifies sleek metallic surfaces, projecting prestige and luxury.

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